Pastor’s Corner

by Father William L. Arnold, Pastor

From the Pastor’s Desk…. Trust in God is that Christian posture or attitude about  faith that most have trouble with. It seems so much more “of a sure thing” to trust friends, place confidence in one’s  abilities, to rely on prudent planning for the future. We can see and measure the material goods we have and people  experiences we make. We all know, however, how often these have failed us. The economic collapse and slow  recovery of the last six years hold many lessons about the reliability of jobs, savings and even some people. The Gospel speaks of worry and anxiety which  seem to control so much of our energy and attention. Jesus teaches us, in a very simple way, about the birds of the air  and lilies of the field. Certainly, human lives and needs are far more complicated than these simple examples from  nature. But if the birds fly and multiply and the flowers bloom with such simple beauty, notice how they do without  worrying, without nervousness, without anxiety. God certainly cares for the creatures found in His image more  than these simple beautiful creatures of nature! Worry and anxiety can turn our attention away from  God and lead us to seek security in our possessions. These two forces are able to so occupy our time and drain our energy that we fail to live in the moment for God and others. When we worry about money, future plans, possessions,  and the details of life, our soul has little room or vision for God, who calls us to trust in Him, rest in Him, and rely on  Him. Authentic faith can help us focus more on God and fret less about less important things. Seek first the things of  God, and all else will be given to us besides. Have a good week! Fr. Bill Arnold  

Today's Date

Sunday, August 7

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